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Quorum Court Calendar


County Judges Office
Fort Smith Courthouse
35 South 6th, Room 106
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Monday through Friday
8am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm

Ph: 479-783-6139
Fax: 479-784-1550

Sebastian County Quorum Court/Justice of the Peace

Duties of the Office ...

The Justice of the Peace is an elected official in county government. The Constitution of the State of Arkansas provides for the election of the Justice of the Peace to a two - year term of office with the requirements that he/she be a qualified elector and resident. In the event of a vacancy in office, the Governor fills the vacancy by appointment, and the appointee serves until the next general election, when a successor is elected. (ACA 14-14-1310)

The Quorum Court may exercise the following powers, but are not limited to:

  • The levy of taxes in manner prescribed by law;
  • Appropriate public finds for the expenses of the county in a manner prescribed by ordinances;
  • Preserve the peace and order and secure freedom from dangerous or noxious activities; provided, however, that no act may be declared a felony;
  • for any public purpose, contract, or join with any other county, or with any political sub-division or with the United States;
  • Create, consolidate, separate, revise or abandon any elected office or offices except during the term thereof; provided, however, that a majority of those voting on the question at a general election have approved said action;
  • Fix the number and compensation of deputies and county employees;
  • Fix the compensation of each county officer with a minimum and maximum to be determined by law;
  • Fill vacancies in elected county offices;
  • Provide for any service or performance of any function relating to county affairs;
  • To exercise other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for effective administration of authorized services and functions.

(ACA 14-14-801)





Fort Smith Court House
35 South 6 St.
Fort Smith, AR

Justice Building
901 South B St.
Fort Smith, AR

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11 Town Square
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