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Tax Collector Department:

Widow/Widower's Affidavit - Arkansas Code 26-3-306 states that "the surviving spouse shall be entitled to the exemption provided for in this section so long as the surviving spouse remains unmarried."

Assessor Department:

You may have noticed that we are not offering online forms for our department.  The reason is to save you time!  Our software has the capability of auto-generating the forms you need based on the information we have about you or your business without you or us having to manually enter data.  We will be glad to talk to you about whatever your needs may be and get the appropriate form, already completed, to you via email, mail or in person.

If you would like for us to send your business assessment to you using Microsoft Excel, contact the Assessor's Office.  

Contact us: 479.783.8948 or Email

For specific forms pertaining to these categories, address your emails to:

Homesteads [email link]
Business Personal [email link]
Maps [email link]




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