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Employment Opportunities


Position: Assistant Voter Registrar

Location: County Clerk's Office

Salary:      $28,564.00 - $33,223.00


Applicants must apply by:

Emailing a cover letter, resume to:


Applying at Indeed


Job Summary:

Under the direction of the Chief Deputy clerk/Office Manager and County Clerk, the employee will manage the Voter Registrar records day-to-day operations and assist with the daily operation duties of the Deputy County Clerks and Deputy County Clerk-Recorder positions. This position also performs the duties of assisting voters in registration, absentee voting, UOCAVA voters, and early voting via e-mail, personal contact, and mailing correspondence, which includes processing voter applications, absentee ballot applications, and absentee ballots, updates the voter registrar, which includes new registrants, address changes, name changes and deceased voters and scan all correspondence related to voter registration, transferring voters to and from Sebastian County. Process DMV batches daily from the Secretary of the State's Office, process confirmation, and cancellations every odd year. Will assist with setting up designated areas for early voting. this position works closely with the Election Coordinator, CBEC, and the Secretary of the State


Education and Experience:

Knowledge of a specialized field (however acquired) such as basic accounting, computer, etc. The equivalent of four years in high school, plus night, trade extension, or correspondence school specialized training, equal to two years of college, plus two years related experience and/or training or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Must be able to prioritize and organize work to meet numerous deadlines

  • Must have excellent communication, problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • Must possess good computer and general office practices and procedure skills as well as general office equipment knowledge.

  • Must have the ability to work without supervision.

  • must be able to interpret complex legal documents and state and federal statutes.

  • Will be exposed to highly confidential and sensitive materials, reports, and conversations must maintain a high level of confidentiality of office and privacy of litigants.

  • Must be able to perform tasks in highly stressful, fast-paced, high volume, crowded conditions, requiring a high degree of concentration with constant interruptions and the ability to refocus and perform tasks at a high level of efficiency and extreme accuracy.

  • Exceptional care is required in filing recordings to ensure proper filing/recording sequence.




Position: Records Specialist - Part-Time

Location: Sheriff's Department

Salary       $12.00 Hourly


Applicants must apply by:

Emailing a cover letter, resume to:


Job Summary:

the employee will assist the Sheriff's Department in serving subpoenas, collecting fines, assisting the public with inquiries, light bookkeeping, and all other duties that are assigned.


Minimum Entry Qualifications:

  • A High School diploma or equivalent is required

  • Accurate typing and Microsoft Word Skills

  • Working knowledge of computers and basic programs

  • Ability to work and communicate with the Public



Position: Assistant Purchasing Administrator

Department: County Judge's Office

Salary: $35,768

Apply at 

Or by emailing cover letter and resume to:

Or mail to:

Sebastian County Judge's Office

35 South 6th Street, Room G5

Fort Smith, AR 72901

**Attention: Human Resources**

Job Summary:

Conducts purchasing, vendor, and product evaluations under the direction of the Purchasing Coordinator.  Manages office activities to include county fleet insurance, fixed asset tracking, inventory management, and office administrative duties.


Job Duties:

  • Directs and coordinates purchasing procedures with all department heads and county officials according to state laws and County policies. Prepares to purchase forms and reports as needed. Develops purchase orders and claims.

  • Responsible for and maintains stock levels of supplies for the issue to county departments.

  • Assists in the inventory of all County personal property. Keep informed and maintain a record of all laws governing and dealing with County and State purchasing functions and activities and ensure daily compliance.

  • Maintain inventory list vehicle gas cards, SBC Credit Cards, and Travel Cards.

  • Oversee and maintain contract administration.

  • Prepares "draft" bid documents including completion of bid or proposal.

  • According to regulations, notify the insurance company of all claims and losses, including investigation reports and repair estimates. Process necessary forms for insurance claims.

  • Monitor the Accounts Payable expense claims for the accuracy of vendor and departmental coding.

  • Post all county bids on the Sebastian County Web site. Prepare bid invitation documents, direct the awarding bids, prepare bid award, document bid purchases for required audit, and provide information to buyers regarding legal requirements of purchases and bids under Arkansas Statutes.


Minimum Entry Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • 5 years related experience with preference in the Public Sector

  • Requires strong administration, budgeting, excellent communication, and writing skills

  • Must be able to work effectively with the public and exercise diplomacy and good judgment in dealing with various agencies and other elected officials’ offices.


Position: Seasonal Mower

Department: Sebastian County Road Department

Salary: $11.00 per hour

             Applicants may apply by:

             Emailing resume /application to :



              Apply on

Job Summary:

Work will involve maintenance of County rights of ways, operating tractors with mowing units, and manual labor duties. Performs other duties assigned.

Entry Qualifications:

  • Previous experience operating a tractor with a mowing unit

  • Must have a valid Arkansas Driver's License

  • Sebastian County residents preferred


Position: Adult Detention Deputy

Location: Adult Detention Center

Salary: $30,523



Online at


Email application/resume to


Job Summary

The employee will work under the direct supervision of the Adult Detention Administrator and/or ADC Assistant Administrator.  The employee is responsible for the security and welfare of male and female inmates, providing service to the inmate population, and maintaining a controlled atmosphere to prevent disturbances. Work involves an element of personal danger and the employee must be able to act without direct supervision and to exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies.  The employee also is responsible for the safe and secure transportation of inmates to and from various facilities.  The position is governed by departmental policies and procedures and all laws concerning Adult Detention Center personnel.


Minimum Entry Qualifications:

  • High School Graduate or Equivalent

  • Knowledge of basic constitutional rights of inmates

  • Possess the ability to nondiscriminatory to relate to persons of all social-economic levels and effectively deal with persons regardless of their state of mind or physical condition

  • Possess competent coordination and strength required to physically subdue prisoners

  • Detention personnel should have good health, emotional maturity, integrity, and interest in the welfare of human beings, ability to establish interpersonal relationships and to work with aggressive persons, the belief in the capacity of people to change, recognition of the dignity and value of the individual, resourcefulness, patience, the ability to use authority responsibly and continuing interest in professional development

  • Be able to work different shifts


Position: Front Door Security Officer

Location: Courts Building

Salary: $13.00/Hour



Online at


Email application/resume to


Job Summary:

Employee provides security for Court buildings and grounds.  The employee will work the front desk which includes operating x-ray machines to ensure no unauthorized items are brought into the buildings. They will use metal detectors or wands to search for contraband. The employee will monitor the alarm systems to detect unauthorized entry into buildings.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Law enforcement certification required.

  • Basic computer skills

  • Moderately physical



Position: Facilities Security

Location: Courts Building

Salary: $27,752 - $29,340



Online at


Email application/resume to


Job Summary:

Employee provides security for all Courthouses and grounds and parking areas. Monitors 55 plus cameras inside and outside of the buildings. Will monitor the alarm systems to detect unauthorized entry into buildings and grounds Will work the front desk operations including x-ray machines, metal detectors/wands. Will perform foot patrol of buildings and grounds.


Minimum Qualifications:

  •  Law enforcement certification required

  •  Basic computer skills

  •  Moderately physical

Position: Park Maintenance Worker
Location: Ben Geren Park - Sebastian County
Salary: $24,321.00 - $25,892.00
online at Indeed
Email: application/resume to


Job Summary:
Employee assists in the maintenance and upkeep of the front side of Ben Geren and several other parks under the direction of the Park Maintenance Supervisor.


Entry Qualifications:
  • High School Diploma/ GED
  • 1 to 3 years related experience and/or training
  • Must possess valid Drivers license/ CDL preferred
  • Knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and carpentry skills
  • Proficient in the use of all tools used in the maintenance trade

Position: Pro Shop Assistant SPT

Location: Ben Geren Park

Salary: $11.00 Hourly


 Apply online at Indeed




Job Summary:
The employee will be responsible for assisting the Pro Shop Manager in the daily operation of the Pro Shop to and include the following
  • Operating cash register to receive green fees, cart rentals, driving range, and sales of merchandise
  • Issuing receipts for all transactions
  • Able to complete all procedures concerning rentals
  • Schedule and regulate all golfers to maximize the use of the golf course at all times
  • Provide information on golf course policies and procedures
  • Assist with reservations for a tee time and merchandise selection
  • Opens and closes Pro Shop along with balancing the cash at end of each day
  • Perform any other related duties as required/assigned
Minimum Entry Qualifications:
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Knowledge of golf skills and techniques
  • Computer skills and typing ability



Position: Park Maintenance RPT

Location: Ben Geren Park

Salary:   $11.00 Hourly


Send Application by email to:

Or apply on Indeed


Job Description:

The employee under the direction of the Park Maintenance Supervisor assists in the maintenance and upkeep of the front side of Ben Geren Park and several other county parks. Performs work involving the use of equipment including mowers, tractors, small lawn care equipment,  weed eaters, and other turf maintenance equipment


  • High School diploma/GED required
  • Must be able to operate utility vehicles, mowers, tractors, and small lawn care equipment




Position: Golf Course Maintenance
 Location: Ben Geren
Apply by submitting a resume to:
Or apply in person at:
Department of Workforce Services
616 Garrison Ave, Room
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Job Summary:

Employees will perform work involving the use of large equipment, including tractors, loaders, trenchers, trucks, and other maintenance equipment. Also is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the golf course.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Requires good physical condition for the performance of regular duties
  • The minimum age is 18 years old
  • Must have a valid drivers license
  • Good communication skill is needed
  • Must be able to left/move up to 50 pounds

Position: Front Door Security Deputy Extra Help

Location: Courts Buildings

Salary: $13.00 per hour, 20 hours work

**Email application and resume to:**

         Job Summary:

The employee will provide security for courtrooms, court buildings, and grounds. The employee will also transport detainees, serves warrants, and makes arrests when ordered by a judge. Will use x-ray machines and Metal detectors or wands to search individuals entering the Courthouses

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Law enforcement certification required.

  • Basic computer skills

  •  Ability to perform various physical activities as associated with the functions of the job.

Position: Title:  Patrol Deputy

Department:  Sheriff's Department

Salary Range:  $33,857.00 - $38,564.00

Applicants must apply by:

Emailing a cover letter, resume to:
Deliver in person at:
Sebastian County Sheriff's Office
800 South A
Fort Smith, AR 72901
Attention: Linda Williams

Job Summary:

The employee will report to the Division Commander and /or Patrol Deputy and is responsible for patrolling a specified area of the county and performing law enforcement activities. Will serve legal documents as directed by the Courts. The Patrol Deputy is responsible for locating the person to whom the document will be served and maintaining records concerning the service of civil legal documents. The position is governed by departmental and County policy and Arkansas Civil Procedure and is subject to all laws concerning law enforcement personnel.
Minimum Entry Qualifications:
  • A High School diploma or equivalent is required
  • Law Enforcement Certification
  • 1-year related experience
  • Valid Driver's License




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