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Captain William Dumas- email Location:
801 South A Street
Fort Smith Arkansas, 72901
Ph. 479-783-4988

Mailing Address:
(For legal and commercial mail only)

Name of Inmate
801 South A Street
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901

For other types of mail,
visit sending inmate mail


How do I send cash to an inmate?

Inmates are allowed to have commissary items that they purchase through the jail service. Inmates can also use money that you send to pay off fines or pay their way out of jail.

You can fund an inmates account by using the kiosk at the Sebastian County Detention Center, using the website (icon below) or call 1-877-618-3516.

The kiosk and website will provide the ability to add funds to three products:

  • Commissary - Deposit funds to an inmates commissary account.
  • Prepaid Account - Deposit funds for your specific phone number to receive calls.
  • Inmate PIN Debit - Deposit funds to an inmates phone account.





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