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Selection, qualifications, distribution and terms of county equalization board members as defined by Arkansas Statutes §26-26-301, §26-27-302, §26-27-303, §26-27-304, §26-27-305 and §26-27-306 can be found in the most current “Arkansas Property Tax Equalization and Appeal System – A Synopsis”.

§26-27-307. Secretary of board:

The clerk of the county court, or his or her designee, shall serve as secretary of the county equalization board of his or her county, and shall keep a complete and accurate journal of its proceedings, and perform such other duties as may be by law required by the county equalization board. In addition, within ten (10) days after the appointment of the county equalization board for the clerk of the county courts, the clerk of the county court, or his or her designee, shall file from time to time with the Assessment Coordination Department, a statement showing the name and address of each member of the county equalization board. When any change in the personnel of the county equalization board is made, the clerk of the county court shall immediately so advise.

Equalization Board Members of Sebastian County, Arkansas, are as follows:

1. Appointed by County Judge:

  1. Patsy Elliot Jones, 9708 Hwy 71 South, Fort Smith, AR 72913, (479)650-3141 Expires May 31, 2022
  2. Becky Yandell, 4423 South 35th, Fort Smith, AR, (479) 434-0529, Expires May 31, 2020

2. Selected by School Districts:

  1. Bill Spicer, 6300 Gary Lane, Fort Smith, AR  72903, (479) 452-6918, Expires: May 31, 2022
  2. Bob Evans, Chairman, 1122 N. Camelia, Greenwood AR 72936 (479) 6501483, Expires May 31, 2020

3. Selected by Cities and Incorporated Towns:

  1. Don Oliver, 1404 Thistle Circle, Greenwood, AR  72936, (479)252-0353 Expires:  5/31/2021, Email:
  2. Walter Echols, 3801 Old Greenwood Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72903, (479)785-8702, Expires:  5/31/2021

4. Selected by Quorum Court:

  1. Bob Costner, 7204 S “Q”, FS, AR 72903, (479)484-5237, Expires:  5/31/2020
  2. Rhonda Black, PO Box 515, Hackett, AR 72937, (479)651-8985, Expires: 5/31/2021
  3. Jack Swink, 9816 Jenny Lind Rd, FS, AR 72908, (479)414-3200, Expires: 5/31/2022

E-1 8/1/10 County Clerk and Ex-Officio Secretary of the County Equalization Board




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